Posh Shop

Posh Shop

Build your very own fashion empire


  • Simple gameplay
  • Highly original concept


  • Becomes a tad boring after a while

Not bad

If you've ever dreamt of becoming the next Ralph Lauren or Georgio Armani then this game could be the closest you get. Posh Shop offers you the ability to build a boutique, select your model, and put clothing collections together.

The game controls are very simple, and it's merely a case of using the mouse to select the items of clothing before going on to sell them.

The principle is that the faster you do this the more money you'll make for your boutique, and it certainly proves entertaing for a while, although the reptitive nature of the gameplay means it becomes boring after a while.

Graphically, Posh shop isn't the most inspirational game you'll see, but if you're looking to run a pretend clothing line then this is your answer.

Build a fabulous fashion empire in this fast-paced challenge. Help shoppers find the perfect outfit by matching tops, bottoms, hats and more in a frenzy of colorful fun!

Power-ups and shop upgrades will help you meet your quota, but you're going to have to be quick on your toes to keep your customers looking their best!

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Posh Shop


Posh Shop

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